Saturday, March 8, 2008

Juvenile Lifers for Justice Part II

What types of Community Service does JLJ(Juvenile Lifers for Justice) perform?
Members of JLJ are committed to several outgoing community outreach projects. Some of them are: (1) mentoring adjudicated youth from the Mitchell program at St. Gabriel's youth facility in making postive lifestyle changes. (2)Developing a youth crime prevention booklet that is based upon our collective life experiences. This is our warning to them about the consequences of a life of crime. (3) Participating with the Mural Arts program of Philadelphia in the creation of murals. (4) Being active in social justice forums with local university professors and students that deal with reforming the criminal justice system. (5) In addition, many of our members attend college and have esteemed jobs within the prison, such as: tutoring other prisoners, painting murals, translating for both non-English speaking inmates, and volunteering in programs that involve changing the prison and community.