Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What Does Art Mean to Me: K. Kabasha Griffin-El

What does art mean to me?
If I had my way, Art would be a proper noun
It's much more than a person, place, or thing
Art is universal
Much more than even a global thing
With Art I can travel through the cosmos
And even become a star
I can travel through time
I can even be reborn
I can make a mistake
And create a new slate
I can Cre-ate
With Art I can be the big "G" o d
If it's to be
It's up to me
With Art I can create my own vitality
Art is an expression of my thoughts, my emotions, my desires
An extension of my all, in all, of the All
Art is my forefathers, my ancestors, my descendants, my progeny
Art is the sperm that swam an acidic sea
Art is that ovum, 50%of me
Art is the earth, the sky, and the sea
The rabbit, the birds, the bees
Art is every perfect imprefection that my flesh eyes have yet to see
Art is everything
That's what Art means to me
(c) K. Kabasha Griffin-El


Anonymous said...

Kabasha that was beautiful. This is Blaq Taffye and I am looking in to what art means to me. So far art is beauty in its rarist, purist form. Art comes from the heart of a person. Art is whatever ones eyes hold as beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kabasha Its been a long time. I finally came across something of yours on the out. o by the way this is Tasharina from TX. I really like your story of what does art mean to me. i hope to get back in touch with you soon.

Dee said...

Beautiful words..