Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Juvenile Lifers #3 Colored Pencil by "Suave Gonzalez"

Mollo Figueroa

In 1991 when Mollo(Moyo) Figueroa was just 16 years old, he was one of four participants involved in a homocide. At 16-and the youngest of the four defendants, and the only juvenile, he was misled by his public defendant into believing he would only serve 17 1/2-35 years. Under the advisement of his attorney Mollo pled guilty to first degree murder. Mollo was coerced into making a statement while his aunt(who was illiterate) was present.

Since being sentenced to life without parole, Mollo has tried twice to appeal his conviction. His counsel has being uneffective has gone unheard by the appellate court. For the last fifteen years Mollo has completed several different programs, like: Citizenship, Conflict Resolution, and End Violence. Mollo currently works in the wheelchair restoration shop where he restores wheelchairs for third world countries.

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