Monday, December 15, 2008

Free Free Freed at Last Essay by Robert Rigler

The garden he took care of for twenty years took care of him.

The younger prisoners used to laugh at him when they would see him smiling and talking to the flowers as he weeded and hoed. They would ask: " What's up Old Timer?" His answer: "These flowers take me out of here sometimes and I don't feel like I'm in prison, I am free."

The count was off by one man; it was Old Timer. Everyone said the last time they saw him he was in his garden. They went out there and all they found was his ball and chain on the ground. The ankle bracelet was still locked. The guards searched everywhere. They knew that after 20 years in prison, Old Timer couldn't have really escaped. After all, he was old, out of shape, he had a bad heart, never got a write up, or got into trouble.

Some say that if you talk to his floweres they'll talk back; or if you look at his garden long enough you can see his smiling face in the flowers and plants.

Did Old Timer escapre, or did the flowers set him free? Who knows for sure, bu this year people signed up with the Horticultural project and they all asked if they could work Old Timer's plot.


Missing Tina said...

Interesting story Mr. Rigler, I guess I can safely say that I enjoyed it just about as much as did seeing your face in the local newspaper back in 1996 around Christmastime. Perhaps you could write a new story. A non-fiction (that means a true story) I'll even give you a topic for your story...try this one on for size; Once upon a time a beautiful yound girl lived in a small town in Southeastern Pennsylvania, until one day when she was only 16 years old she was murdered by two monsters. Oh just for arguements sake, lets give the monsters names, Bob and Charlie....maybe? Or here is another story idea for you, Repentence and memebership in the Holy Name Society...I would like to read about that too.

Anonymous said...

Thirty-six years ago today you kidnapped those young girls and tortured and killed them. May you never be free - in this life or the afterlife.

Anonymous said...

Funny how good ole Frenchie died on May 10th, 2011. Although he was acquitted, he was the root of the evil. What goes around, comes around.