Tuesday, September 18, 2007

"How to Play the Game" booklet

If you are interested in getting copies of "How to Play the Game" booklet please contact laceoart@centroclaver.com Thanks.


Anonymous said...


i like your drawings. i can't really relate to what's happened to you. you're trapped, and that's what happens. to even be able to draw in a cage is amazing. just remember it's just a cage. at least you can draw. if you can draw then at least one small part of you is free. don't want to sound corny, but i think there is no cage for your imagination. i think that is very important.

daveb said...

I've read pretty much all of your blog posts and I'm very supportive of what you're doing. Not to be disrespectful or anything, but I do find a lot of grammatical as well as spelling errors in your posts. What I'd like to see is your posts being lear and concise to everyone that reads them. So, I would like to offer to check your posts of submit grammatical corrections, etc. I understand that there's a certain amount of slang that's to be understood and necessary, but my goal would be to keep that speech, but just correct the words around it to make the message clear. I'm offering this free, no strings attached, so let me know if you are interested at davebgimp@yahoo.com