Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Real Rap: How to avoid the trap Part II

If you are a leader you should use the influence you have over your peers/homies to start a club or youth group. Your group can be for recreation, study group, or a support group where everyone helps each other with their problems.
  • Choose constructive outlets for your talents/skills
    Can you draw? How about play music? Maybe you're a rapper or poet. If not, what would you like to do? Take time to discover and sharpen your talents. Find places where you can express your abilities-If you are an artist you can check out the Art Institute of Philadelphia and Mural Arts Program of Philadelphia. Rappers and poets should check out the back of magazines such as: XXL®, Vibe®, Source®, or Rolling Stone®. You can possibly start a business with your talents and make some money.
  • Volunteer with a group performing services in your community.
    Get involved with the Big Brothers/Big Sisters organizations. You could be an assistant coach in a league, if you like sports. Maybe you could serve food at a shelter.

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