Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Real Rap: How to avoid the trap Part I

Secrets of the game....
Here are things you can begin to do to reduce your chances of becoming a juvenile lifer.
  • Beware of who you hang out with

Are you around people who really care about your future? If your homies aren't encouraging you to achieve your goals in a positive way, then they aren't your homies. If your friends aren't trying to go where you're going, then how can you walk together? To find out who you really are, you need to get out of your boys shadow.

  • Get help through counseling or mentoring for your issues such as anger, depression, family problems, and violence, etc.

The only way to get help for your anger is to recognize that it is a problem. (Read James's story on how anger affected his life.) Find someone you can talk to and really open up with them about your problems. It might even be a psychologist.

  • Find alternatives to violence.

Try to talk with people to resolve your "beefs." You may find out that you have a lot in common with your so-called enemies.

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